Curriculum Vitae (english)

  • „Aristeion“: Honor Prize, awarded to the best graduate
  • Honor Prize for the best diploma-dissertation
  • „Honor Prize of Ethniki Trapeza of Hellas for Medicine“, awarded to the best graduate of the medical faculty
  • 1991 „Top International Opinion Leader in Schizophrenia and Related Psychoses“ by „Peer Group Consensus“ procedure, initiated and awarded by “Paul Janssen International Research”
  • listed in „Leading Medical Researchers of Germany“
  • „Richard-von-Krafft-Ebing Research Prize for Distinct Research in Forensic Psychiatry“ (together with co-workers Dr. Simone Ullrich, and Prof. Dr. jur. Dieter Rössner)
  • 2002 „Emil-Kraepelin Research Prize for Distinct Research in Psychoses, especially in Schizoaffective and Acute Brief Psychoses“, additionally Kraepelin-Alzheimer Medal
  • Medal of Honour of the Cyprus Society of Psychiatrists
  • 2003 Honorary Doctorate (Doctoris honoris causa) by the Medical Faculty of the University of Athens/Greece
  • 2004 Confirmation of belonging continuously to the „Leading Medical Researchers of Germany“
  • Honorary Doctorate by Aristotle University Thessaloniki/Greece
  • 2011 Professor honoris causa at Córdoba University/Argentina
  • 2016 Berliner Griesinger-Medaille der BGPN (Berliner Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Neurologie)
  • 2022 Verdienstkreuz am Bande der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


  • ca. 600, including 47 books